Monday, February 7, 2011

Beige and Coral Baby Accessories

I had made a promise to myself that I would wait until I actually made some money selling my other projects before I purchased any new yarns. Such statements are common - sometimes I believe I actually have the willpower to follow through with them. Most often, though, I abandoned the mountain of perfectly good yarn I have stowed away in various rubber bins in search of the "perfect" color or texture for whatever design of the moment I have in my head. 
Ignoring the tiny bits of acrylic, silk, blends, bulky weights and sock yarns that have been longing to be knit into a project for years, I head over to my local yarn shop in search of some machine-washable cotton for some future baby knit.. mostly, for my own baby this time. I ended up finding some of the most gorgeous cotton ever: Mission Falls 1824.. and I found it for nearly fourty percent off the original price. 
My joy is bittersweet. This yarn really gives that vintage, homespun feel to my knitting that I've been searching for. Unfortunately, for me, the yarn is discontinued, so the search goes on.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Online venture

My lack of posting lately can be blamed on the fact the I have been putting one hundred percent of my energy into a new online shop selling knitting goods for babies and children. When my daughter was born, I began knitting fun things for her to wear, mostly because I was tired of her wearing all of the pink clothing and accessories that people tend to give at showers for a baby girl. Not that she doesn't look adorable in pink, but.. I really just wanted some more color to choose from! I ordered myself some fun, colorful yarn, and got to knitting. Not long after, it seemed like every time we left the house someone wanted to know where I had purchased this or that. Finally, it occurred to me that I must not be the only one looking for something colorful, unique, and hand made and designing an Etsy shop began to consume my thoughts! In the last few hours, the shop details have been finalized, and I have received some fantastic feedback. Now, its back to knitting, spending time with my little girl, and dreaming of new designs!